2018-   Myers Reactivates Myers Environmental Consulting, LLC

In addition to other ventures, Stephen Myers has reactivated Myers Environmental Consulting, LLC (MEC) to provide environmental management advisory services to business to implement improved operational effectiveness, reduce their environmental risk footprint and implement sustainable innovation.

2017- Synstainable Energy Systems, LLC formed and Myers Appointed CEO

Dr. Paul Amodeo and Stephen Myers formed Synstainable Energy Systems, LLC (SES) to develop waste-to-energy technologies to reduce the environmental impacts of other waste reduction methods while producing clean energy from challenging solid wastes including plastics and tires.  The technologies are intended to require minimal pre-processing of feedstock, accept high moisture content, are scalable and produce low emissions.   SES sees the use of these technologies as an alternative to incineration and of use by governments, landfills, emergency response/FEMA, global companies, in remote locations with limited access to the grid, in the marine industry and to attack critical waste management problems such as Ag plastics, ocean plastics and the global reduction in plastics recycling.   Myers said “… these technologies could provide the answer for  not only more effective and safer waste disposal but also a way to deal with challenging wastes that would otherwise end up in a landfill or in our oceans .   Non-incineration technologies can use organic wastes as a feed stock to produce energy in a safer and more environmentally sustainable fashion for various applications worldwide…”.

December 2014-  Myers leads efforts to create business value from sustainable innovation

Steve Myers has been working for the last several years assisting global businesses in both creating and recognizing the business value in sustainable innovation, environmental risk reduction and environmental excellence including sustainable remediation.   Steve has established and participated in a network of executive level business and environmental leaders who have assisted businesses in not only changing business policy and plans but more importantly in helping businesses implement new sustainable business practices that are seamlessly imbedded into core business operations.  The framework of this critical convergence can be downloaded form this site.

February 2013- Myers Joins de maximis, inc. as Senior Project Director

Steve Myers joined de maximis as senior project director and leader of sustainability and environmental risk management services.  Steve joined de maximis, inc. to provide senior project management to de maximis clients and to expand de maximis services in the areas of environmental risk management, sustainability and environmental excellence.   Steve will add his practice to the de maximis services.   de maximis is the nations largest environmental project management company serving the environmental needs of Fortune 500 companies.  See more at www.demaximis.com.

June 2013-  Myers Participates in a National EHS & Corporate Sustainability Leadership Forum

Steve Myers attended the recent national env. leadership forum facilitated by the AHC Group.  Myers has been part of the forum of over 100 national and international EHS and sustainability experts for over 15 years.  He is a contributor to the working sessions and a leader in the environmental risk and sustainability areas.  He has previously presented on environmental compliance, environmental management, remediation, env. risk and insurance and business drivers.

July 2012-  Myers Attends National Brownfield Association NY Chapter Meeting

Steve Myers attended the NBA NY Chapter meeting in Buffalo on 7/18/12 on the status of Brownfield Tax Credits.  The NBA NY Chapter held a meeting in Buffalo, NY to discuss the status of tax credits under the NY Brownfields program.  Presentations were made by David Flynn of Phillips Lytle (NBA Board member and NY Chapter President),  Dale Desnoyers (former head of NYSDEC Remediation Division) and Mark Gregor ( Head of Env. Services, City of Rochester).   Concerns were expressed over the many changes made by the State in recent years and position the State Dept of Tax and Finance is taking on projects which can deny the credits after the investment is made.   The sunset date of 3/31/15 has been extended to 12/31/15.  The lack of clear and predictable tax implications is effecting the decisions being made by developers and investors in whether to proceed with brownfield redevelopment projects.  Robert Colangelo, Exec Director of the NBA, spoke of NBA’s focus on  “green on brown”-  the construction of sustainable projects on former brownfield sites.  To that end, a well thought out risk management approach is needed to minimize liability and maximize asset value.

June 2012-  Myers Participates in a National EHS & Corporate Sustainability Leadership Forum

Steve Myers attended the bi-annual national environmental leadership forum in Saratoga Springs, NY facilitated by the AHC Group.  Steve participated in this forum of key environmental and business leaders and executives that meet periodically to discuss critical environmental, social and governance issues affecting business.  Steve has been a key leader in this organization for over 15 years providing critical input to global business leaders on environmental risk management and impact response.

June 2012-  Myers Publishes Article on Environmental Risk as a Driver of Sustainability

Steve Myers published his most recent article on environmental risk as a driver of sustainability in The EHS Journal, an international EHS e-zine.  A reprint of the article is available in the “File Download” section.

November 2011- Myers Makes Presentation to NYIA on Hydraulic Fracturing

Steve Myers gave a presentation on hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale to the New York State Insurance Association (NYIA).  Steve provided a primer on the process of hydraulic fracturing in deep shale for the production of natural gas.  The presentation focused on the potential environmental risks posed by the process and provided context for consideration by NYIA members who are small NY insurance companies representing insureds across New York State.  For a copy of the presentation go to the “Publications” section.

December 2010-  Myers Publishes Article on Environmental Risk as a Threat to Business

Steve Myers published an article on environmental risk and its threat to business success in Environmental Leader, an international daily e-zine.  A reprint of the article is available in the “Publications” section.

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