“MEC advises leading companies on environmental risks and the implementation of sustainable solutions that limit liability and add value for business success.”

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About MEC

Myers Environmental Consulting, LLC (MEC) is different from most consulting firms. Stephen Myers started his consultancy to fill a needed gap between traditional environmental consultants who focus on technical solutions and management consultants who focus on management processes.

Over 45 years of experience in both industry and consulting convinced Steve that clients need environmental solutions that seamlessly support their business objectives and are valued by stakeholders. Therefore, a trusted advisor must have experience in both areas and be able to recommend those solutions that not only mitigate the environmental risk but also create value through effective sustainable practices. Myers Environmental Consulting provides that business leadership through environmental excellence and sustainable innovation.

The Team

Myers Environmental Consulting is a small focused consultancy lead by Stephen Myers.  Steve’s extensive experience in environmental engineering, regulatory compliance, due diligence, environmental management, risk management/insurance and business operations provides our clients with a unique perspective to solve challenging problems. When required to support various projects, Steve has developed and nurtured a national network of other professionals that allow him to identify and establish an effective team to meet each assignment.   This professional consulting network allows Steve to augment his skills and bring additional expertise and others who also have actual experience to each project.  This approach provides greater value and a lower effective cost for the client.  Each project is uniquely staffed with the concurrence of the client.

Our Clients

Our clients are industry leaders in their field that take their environmental responsibility seriously and look to use environmental excellence and sustainable practices as a competitive differentiator in this global economy. Clients include developers, manufacturing industries, energy companies, real estate firms, transportation firms, healthcare institutions, service industries and financial institutions to name a few. We also work with other professional partners including law firms, technical subject matter experts, management consultants, brownfield firms, remediation companies and insurance professionals.  MEC protects its clients’ identity and specific client references can be provided.

“business leadership through environmental performance”