Stephen J. Myers



Stephen J. Myers

Steve is the founder and CEO of Myers Environmental Consulting, LLC and has been an environmental and sustainability leader for over 40 years providing management and advisory services to major corporations regarding environmental challenges.  Steve provides high value environmental management consulting to private sector clients specializing in the convergence of environmental performance, environmental risk reduction and sustainability for business success.  Steve continues to provide contracted advisory services to a large global utility through de maximis, inc. where Steve was a Sr. Project Director and the Corporate Sustainability Leader for over 5 years.

Recently, Steve was a founding member and named CEO of Synstainable Energy Systems, LLC (SES).  SES is a NY-based company founded to develop and commercialize technologies to convert solid waste to clean energy using non-incineration processes.  These technologies can globally assist in sustainable waste management and energy production.

Previously, Steve was an environmental executive at a NY-based engineering company and an Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of a private specialized management consulting firm in Colorado helping companies develop the strategy, tactics and organizational capabilities to manage environmental, social and sustainability risks throughout the business value chain.  His risk management expertise was developed while spending 5 years in the insurance industry where he led a national environmental risk management practice.  He is an expert in assisting clients in the development of environmental risk and insurance solutions in support of acquisitions, divestitures, remediation and brownfields redevelopment.  Steve was also a founding partner of Brownfields USA, LLC, a specialized national real estate company packaging necessary services for the successful end-use redevelopment of environmentally impaired properties.

Steve has spent over 25 years in environmental engineering consulting, 5 years in environmental liability insurance and 15 years in industry with the General Electric Company rising from an entry-level engineer in 1973 to be the youngest subsection manager at GE’s largest facility of 22,000 people at the age of only 29.

Upon leaving GE in 1987, Steve became a Vice President of HART Environmental Management Corporation; a rapidly growing privately owned environmental consulting company.  Steve was a leader in HART’s environmental management, regulatory compliance and liability practice and managed HART’s Albany, NY office.  In 1990, Steve was on the executive team that merged HART with McLaren Environmental Engineering to form McLaren/Hart, a $100 million, 750 person environmental consulting company.   Steve helped grow McLaren’s environmental management practice to become a national leader in the field working for Fortune 50 companies including his former employer GE.  He managed the northeast region and was promoted to head the national practice.  Steve helped expand the practice into environmental software for environmental auditing.

In 1998, Steve joined Earth Tech, a $1.6 billion worldwide engineering company as Vice President responsible for environmental consulting services in New York.  He was also named a Vice President of Earth Tech of New York, Inc., providing engineering design in New York State.  Steve was involved in various company initiatives including the expansion of the firm’s environmental, remediation and liability management services.  He then joined Marsh as a senior leader in their environmental insurance practice in 2002.  Following Marsh, Steve led the Environmental Risk Management Practice for Thomas Rutherfoord, Inc. from 2005- 2008.

Steve is a Certified Environmental Professional in environmental operations, a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor and a former New York State licensed property and casualty insurance broker. He is present member and past Chairman of the Board of the Eastern NY Chapter of the AWMA, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Chemical Alliance of New York State, an organizing member of the NY State Brownfield Coalition, a member of the Business Council of New York State, a former member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of the Environmental Business Association of New York State, as well as several national professional organizations.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

“business leadership through environmental performance”