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Strategic Environmental Advice and Business Consultation-  MEC provides environmental and business expertise and consultation to assist business executives in understanding their environmental footprint, prioritizing their environmental risks and utilizing the resulting information to implement corporate environmental programs and processes that produce environmental excellence and stakeholder value while supporting core business goals and objectives. 

Sustainable Practice Implementation-   MEC recognizes that there is a critical opportunity for global competitive advantage resulting from sustainable business practices that propel a firm into the classification of best-of-breed. MEC assists companies in identifying areas where new sustainable practices can reduce risk, avoid liability and also improve operational excellence in a socially responsible manner.
Environmental Risk Management-  MEC provides the comprehensive risk assessment and management expertise to help clients define, assess, prioritize and quantify its environmental risks. Whether the risks are legacy risks from older or former sites poised for redevelopment, operational risks from operating facilities or emerging risks from future issues like climate change, MEC has the expertise to evaluate the risks against the company’s risk threshold and help avoid, minimize or transfer those risks to reduce uncertainty and vulnerability.
Stephen Myers is a licensed property and casualty insurance broker and expert in the use of environmental insurance to transfer environmental risks.  
Third-Party Environmental Review- MEC provides third party review of environmental information and recommendations for clients on how to proceed. Third party review provides an objective assessment of the available environmental data and information on a site, operation or portfolio that assists an interested party in understanding the potential environmental impacts. These services are especially useful during property transactions, redevelopment evaluation, site remediation or operational upgrades.
Environmental Regulatory Compliance Assistance- MEC has over 30 years of environmental regulatory experience in all media areas including water, wastewater, solid waste, hazardous materials, hazardous waste, petroleum and chemical storage and site remediation. MEC, along with its network of subject matter experts, can provide the needed environmental regulatory advice and support needed to operate within the applicable laws and regulations. 
Environmental Compliance Auditing- Stephen Myers is a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA) having performed audits of numerous facilities nationally and managing major audit programs for major multinational corporations. The CPEA credential is awarded by the Board of Environmental, Health and Safety Auditor Certifications (BEAC) and is the most recognized national environmental audit credential.
Technical Environmental Consultation- MEC, along with its network of subject matter experts, has the scientific and engineering expertise and experience to assist clients with their environmental problems and the development of effective solutions.
Environmental Education-   MEC provides training of personnel in various areas including environmental risk, environmental insurance, regulatory compliance and auditing.