Myers Environmental Consulting


Since 2012, we’ve been focused on assisting our clients to minimize risk, innovate, operate effectively and   achieve sustainable success! We can do that for your company, too!

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Myers Environmental Consulting, LLC (MEC) was founded to provide the nexus between environmental excellence and sustainable business performance.

We provide the technical, management and business expertise needed by our clients to evaluate environmental risks and develop effective and permanent solutions that not only avoid liability but add value to the enterprise.

Our goal is to assure that environmental impacts are identified and mitigated so they do not prevent our clients from reaching their goals. We achieve this result through sound strategic thinking, critical expertise, experienced project leadership and relentless execution.

If you are looking for a strategic environmental consultancy to advise you on how to handle environmental risks and create true value through environmental excellence then please contact us at 518.357.4936 or email us at




Risk Management

Identifying, prioritizing and minimizing your risk footprint spawns opportunities for growth.





Environmental Excellence

Improving environmental performance reduces costs and reputational risks while establishing the business as a leader.




Sustainable Innovation

Innovation can improve the competitiveness of the business and advance sustainability goals in a socially responsible manner.



Operational Effectiveness

Effective and optimized business operations are at the heart of a profitable and successful business enterprise.
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